The contestant must introduce themselves through a one-minute-long video, explaining what “inspired you to participate in KIIT NANHIPARI”. The introduction should include basic details such as name, age, native place, current occupation, hobbies, talents, and ambition.

Instructions: At the Time of Recording the Introduction Video, the contestant should be in a proper setting position with the contestant facing the camera/mobile, with proper visibility up to the waist. You have to record the video in a noise-free environment so that the audio is clear, candidate should be the only person in the video. Candidates can wear any comfortable outfit . The language can be either English or Hindi.

TALENT ROUND – Talent Showcase

The candidate need to upload a two -minute video presenting any of your talents, which can be performed in front of the camera. It can include any indoor or outdoor solo performance. Talents can include dance performance, singing, solo instrumental performance, recitation, mono-act, mimicry, cooking, painting (executed in front of the camera), elocution, etc. Ensure that the performance is safe, responsible, and hazard-free.

Instructions: The camera should be angled such that there is no confusion about who has performed the act. Ideally, the frame should cover head to toe. Candidates can do the make-up and styling, required for the performances. Keep the camera so that you are visible. Avoid using filters, no transition of video effects is allowed. No text or watermarks are allowed. The video should be in Landscape mode. if they want to showcase multiple talents, Camera movements are not allowed.

The candidate should upload 2 video; Self Introduction video (1minute) and Talent Showcase video (2minute)

Essential Documents to be uploaded along with the application

  1. Colour photographs (Passport Size, A Close-up, A Mid-shot and A Full-length photograph).
  2. Self-attested Copy of birth
  3. Self-attested Copy of Aadhar card
  4. Self Introduction video (1minute)
  5. Talent Showcase video (2minute)